Monthly Archives: April 2016

True colours

Well, I could write a really long blog post about how it’s OK for you to be who you are, but it turns out Cyndi Lauper has summed up everything I could ever wish to say in her 1986 single ‘True Colors’. I mean, I knew this song existed, but I’d most definitely forgotten about it, and had neglected to make a point of listening to it on a regular basis. No more I tell you! I will listen to this song as often as possible until it starts to drive me mad. Because it’s like a two-hour therapy session in a few minutes.

This is the thing about music. Just as we’re starting to feel completely alone in the world, we can turn on the radio and instantly be reminded of how very shared our human experience is. Other people have felt what you feel, and you are not alone in the world. We never are, it’s just that it can feel like that sometimes. Whilst our emotions and our right to express them are both very real, the messages we sometimes tell ourselves are often great big lies. If your brain is trying to tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you should change to fit someone else’s ideas, or that you are alone on a small island with no one to turn to – you can be sure that your gremlins are at work and skip straight to ignoring them whenever possible. Or fight back and tell them why you are good enough! Whatever works for you.

We are all good enough; worthy; beautiful in our own right; not alone. Music can remind us of this, so make a point of listening to the radio or creating a feel-good playlist.

Oh, and thanks Cyndi!

Bye for now x